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26 Behavioral Interview Questions About Leadership Customer Service Management and Team Work

Being articulate might be your prep technique to deal with difficult behavioural interview questions. But yes, it is not the only thing you need to land at your dream job. Other things to add into your pocket are polishing some stories, knocking back at your career life achievements and problems, and most of all, quick understanding of a question.

26 Behavioral interview questions About Leadership, Customer Service, Management and Team Work


Behavioural interview questions are added to almost every other interview. They are intended to know all about the past’s performance of a candidate. And also to vet out whether a candidate is a perfect fit to meet the future needs of a company or not. In this post, I’m going to categorize free sample behavior interview questions and answers to boost your understanding.


Behavioural interview questions About Team Work

Every company designates distinct teams for specific tasks. You will have to be a part of a team when you get selected for the position. Questions circles around the time when you worked with difficult team members, challenging tasks, conflicts, deadlines, and clashes.

  1. Tell us the time when you had to work with a person who was your extreme-opposite in nature and personality.

  2. How did you handle conflict among team members?

  3. Think back and shared us a situation where your team couldn’t deliver a project due to one team member?

  4. Describe a situation when your team failed to meet the project deadline.

Check Other Team Interview Questions and Answers

Behavioural interview questions for management positions

  1. How did you motivate your colleagues?

  2. Please explain your relationship with your former employers and fellow employees?

  3. Tell us a time when you had to deal with conflict.

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Behavioral Interview questions for Customer service

When you are giving an interview for seeking a job in the customer care department, then you need to refresh your memory about good and bad incidents. The interview panel will intentionally ask all about your past work examples and stories. So, polish them a little to make the most from previous work experience.

8.Many times, you had to deal with frustrated customers. What was your reaction? Know: How to Answer: Difficult Customer Interview Questions

9. How did you react to negative customer feedback?

10. What strategy did you use to deliver technical information to a non-technical customer?

11. Share your story when you made your customers pleased.

12. Tell us about an incident which changed the way you deal with customers

Behavioural Interview Questions About Client-Facing Skills

When you sign up for a position where part of your role is to deal with clients, then you need to prepare some answers related to this role. Getting an understanding of the intention behind questions would let you give a comprehensive response.

13. How did you make a good impression on your client?

14. Tell us about the time when you worked with a difficult client

15. How did you treat an angry client?

16. When were you working with multiple clients at the same time, what strategy did you use to please them all and meet deadlines?

17. Did you fail to deliver work according to the client’s expectations? If yes, then what was your response.

Behavioural interview questions for testing Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital to get promotions on a job. To stay productive on a job, a person must know how to communicate in an easy to understand manner. Learn about the best communication skills for workplace success. Here is what you can expect to be a part of your interview question. 

18.How did you explain a complicated strategy to a difficult client?

19. Describe a situation when you had to explain technical information to a project to your non-technical customers or colleagues?

20. Tell us a time when you had to rethink while adding complex information as a part of your written communication with your customers.

21. When did you have a mind-blowing business presentation? (know how to give the best business presentation)


Leadership behavioural interview questions

Many companies asked questions to test your leadership skills because they are on a hunt for the most talented candidates. Keep in mind that you are not the only candidate. Many others come for the same position. You need to show them you are the best, you can lead the organization when the time requires you to, and you possess the utmost influencer skills as well

.leadership behavioral interview questions

22. Tell us a time when you demonstrated your leadership skills.

23. Give an example of a time when you did delegate successfully.

24. Describe a situation when you had to take a  lead role for a complicated project.

25. When did you get a chance to led an important business meeting?

26. Share an example when your company suddenly puts you in the leadership role. How did you manage that?

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions?

Keep your self-confidence intact and use the STAR response technique.

S ( Situation) Briefly explain the situation you were facing

T ( Task) tells them about a task you needed to perform

A (Action) describe what action you took.

R (Results) what outcomes your action brought? What results did you get?

star response technique answer behavioral interview questions

Make sure you these four elements become an integral part of each behavioral response you give about a situation kind question. It is essential to paint a positive picture of your personality, skills, and role in front of the panel. After all, this is how you are going to win their attention and ultimate position in their company.

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