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Essential Elements Of Receptionist Cover Letter

If you are going to apply for a receptionist job, then the solid communication skills and many others are the essential attributes for the receptionist job.

If we talk about the cover letter of a receptionist job, then you should highlight the specific skills in the job description like expertise in QuickBooks or Microsoft Office or industry terminology.

A good cover letter helps you to come to the interview stage

What Is A Cover Letter

It is the first thing that employers read from you. Your cover letter must identify which position you are applying for and contains all the information why you should be best for this position.

Do not mention all the information that you already mention in your resume. Instead, highlight all the information and skills on your resume that makes you capable of this position.

If you don't know the essential elements of receptionist cover letter are given below

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receptionist cover letter examples

What To Add Receptionist Cover Letter

All the vital elements in the receptionist cover letter are given below

Personal Information

Start the receptionist cover letter with the help of your personal information. You should mention all your information in the block style, on the top left margin.

  • Your Name

  • Your home address

  • Your Phone number


You must include the date as like any business letter

Receiver Contact Info

Include all the receiver information including Name, address and city zip code


Select the proper way to address the contact person

For example

If a man's Name is the contact then Dear Mr ABC

If a woman's Name is the contact then Dear MS XYZ

If there is no contact name then Dear Prospective Employer

Opening Paragraph

In this paragraph mention from where you learned about this job like

  • Advertisement

  • An unsolicited mailing

  • Internet

  • By Person

Middle Paragraph

In this paragraph mention, all your skills and also about your background that makes you capable of this job

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Second Middle Paragraph

This paragraph is used to mention all your soft skills

Closing And Contact Information

At the end of your cover letter, mention your availability, your contact info, and when you will contact the employer for an appointment. Thanks to the receiver for her/his time and also the consideration of the application

Tips for Writing a Receptionist Cover Letter

Follow All The Directions

When you are applying for the receptionist job by email or any other way, and you will be asked to include the cover letter with your resume and also include other things like a general application and reference list.

Make sure that read the post very carefully and includes all the things that mentioned in the job post


Write the best cover letter for the job that you are applying for, and the best way to write a cover letter is to include keywords from the job listing


If you are going to mention your different skills and experience, then you should prove your skills with the help of providing an example

Email vs. Hard Copy Format

If you are applying for a job via email, the format is slightly different from the hardcopy. You have to select the subject to explain the content of your jobs like title and your Name. And email format always include the types signature

Other than this, if we talk about the hard copy format, then you have to write a letter in the business letter format.

This format includes your contact info, date, company contact info, salutation, and the body of the letter. And in hard copy format, you have to add your handwritten signature

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 receptionist cover letter samples

Receptionist Cover Letter Samples

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, Zip Code of your state

Your Phone Number

Your Email address


Employer's Name

Employer's Address

Employer's City, Zip Code

Dear Hiring Manager,

The main reason for writing this letter is to show my interest in the opening job of receptionist in XYZ Company. I believe that my work experience, also my technological and communication skills make me a perfect person for the receptionist job

I have experience of several years, including working with the large staff, working in a bustling environment with too many phone lines; also I can handle the busted situation easily like as in your company

With all this, I have oral and written communication skills. At my current job, I managed thirty to forty clients, answering their questions related to the company and showing people to the correct offices. I also send too many emails to the clients and also call dozens of clients for the appointments

My high-level skills and my background prove that I am the best candidate for this job. Thank you very much for your consideration. I am waiting to hear good news from your side


Your Signature

Your Name

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