Everything You Need to Know about the Secretarial Career

A secretary is a popular female job required in every institution. Although films and series are trying to promote secretaries as busy trimming their nails, putting on makeup, and talking on the phone, the truth about this profession is far from these clichés. This article will reveal the requirements for an entry-level secretary with some application details. Let’s get started.

A Secretary Job Requirements :

requirements for a secretary

In every institution or sector, there is a secretary that welcomes visitors and acts as an essential intermediate between people and managers. A secretary’s job can be described as a clerk activity. It is also known that a secretary is in direct contact with managers. One of the most prominent requirements for a secretary is being discreet and keeping the secrets of work, as the word secretary is derived from the word secret. To get this job, there are always terms and conditions that differ from one industry to another. Take a look at 

Requirements for any Secretary:

1.Good Looks: employers look for a well presentable person to offer a positive impression about their industry. Among these requirements is to have an elegant look.

2.Qualifications: This section depends on the sector or the industry. A secretary can be a graduate with a college degree if she is operating in business organizations or corporate firms. She can be a holder of a GCSE without completing a college degree for small firms. Only in big institutions can qualification be specific to a particular field such as international relations or translation certificate; any post-secondary degree can work.

3. Internship/ training/ experience: these three steps can grow the chances for a potential secretary to get a job. Employers, in general, always favor a trained person or an experienced candidate.

4. File Management: it is required for secretaries to keep important files and documents in their proper places and handle them once in demand. Take a look at Essential Elements Of a Receptionist Cover Letter

How to Become a Medical Secretary?

how to become a medical secretary

Hospital clinics and healthcare centers hire non-medical applicants to deal with patients and clients. A medical secretary might have different requirements other than a mere secretary. In the medical field, a medical secretary can maintain:

-Visits, hospital entry, and exit procedures

-Appointments for patients.

A medical secretary has a set of different tasks and conditions, including:

-Answering about any inquiry and serving customers.

- Mastering necessary management skills and specializations, so that the applicant has the advantage of several experiences, knowledge, and skills.

-Volunteering to work on the various projects in the institution, in which a potential medical secretary gets a deep understanding of that institution, its strategy, and its open markets.

-Participating in specialized periodicals, committee membership, and practice groups, volunteering in social work and environmental services, to grow a broad network of professional relationships that can provide new job references.

A medical secretary should have:

-Flexibility and rapidity for emergencies and urgent cases.

-Study psychology and know the motives and methods of dealing with people.

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A Secretary General Skills:

must-have secretary skills

To be able to perform her duties, a secretary must have some personal attributes, as well as some skills. Let’s list the traditional skills required in every industry:

1.Technical Skills: since we live in a digital world, a secretary is no longer using that classic typing machine. She should be mastering some technological tools and related to typing, formatting, and emailing.

2.Communication skills: a secretary should be an excellent communicator with the ability to convey information and messages.

3.Languages: depending on the industry, a secretary should master more than the English language. This feature is required in multinational companies, embassies, or organizations.

4. Transferable Skills: a secretary should have a bunch of personal traits that interfere in her daily task, such as,

  • Having a friendly attitude: a secretary should always respond in a pleasant way to people.
  • Promoting for the company’s services: A secretary can contribute to growing the brand of any institution by offering leaflets, card visits, or anything that encourages customers to come back again.

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What are the Major Roles of a Secretary?

In every institution, there is a secretary: in companies, schools, or hospitals. Although roles and tasks are different, we can classify them into three types:

-Customer-service secretaries: they are innovators, enthusiasts, and excellent communicators. They are people who can deal with customers at any time:

-Freelance secretaries: sometimes, when you log into a website, you get a message tab saying: “Hello, I am Grace. How can I help?”. This automatic assistant is not a robot. It is instead a desktop secretary who operates online for further service explanation and website rating or development.

- Specific secretaries are secretaries who should operate in different sectors such as a medical secretary or legal secretary. You may also read: Understand The Types of Employment Contracts in UK

A secretary Application Process:

If you are interested in this career, you should prepare all the necessary documents required for the application purpose:

-Make a resume with a cover letter.

-Apply for the required industry.

-Prepare for the common interview questions

- If your application was rejected, always work on self-development and continue developing your computer and information systems skills.

- Follow up with your employer after sending your application and inquire about the interview.

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A Secretary Salary:

Salaries are different in every place or every professional sector. A secretary’s Salary can increase depending on her qualification and field here are some estimated wages:

A receptionist in the UK earns up to £19,573 per year.

A legal secretary earns up to £21,522 per year.

A medical secretary earns up to £21,573 per year.

That was all about the female clerk job in the UK if you want more guidelines or read about similar topics, visit Fratres.


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