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Explore Career Break Cover Letter Samples and Template

Cover letters are usually attached to your resume/ CV when you send your job application to employers. Since this letter's content varies from one applicant to another, Fratres offers the recent professional hacks to help maximum job seekers. Today’s article is about crafting a career break cover letter for professionals. Let’s get started.

What is a Career Break Cover Letter?

a career break cover letter

A career break cover letter is a document addressing employers that the applicant is re-entering the field after a break. This letter is like a reminder to inform employers about the previous professional contribution to the industry and the intention to come back after a break.

Some people mix a career break cover letter with a leave application letter. Both letters are different. On the one hand, a career break cover letter is like a re-application to get back to the same industry. On the other hand, a leave application letter is requested to get a temporary leave from your employer.

How to Get a Career Break:

career break

The hectic routine of some jobs might affect your productivity and even your health. Experts advocate that a career break is the best way to restore your professional spirit. There are many reasons for a career break. Let’s list some of them:

Medical purposes: employees can face some health issues that require them to rest. They can request a recovery period by writing a leave application letter. In case they decided to change their job after the recovery, they should write a career break cover letter.

A career gap: a gap that takes years might decrease your employability. That’s why you need to restore your old skills and retake yourself to reach the required level that enables you to get a job. You can also visit How to Get a Software Job after a Gap?

A maternity leave: an extended vacation for maternity might cost a job position. Employers avoid re-hiring new moms for productivity purposes. Mothers are not excluded from work life and should write a career break cover letter to enter the job market.

Pursuing advanced studies: obtaining your Ph.D. can put an end to your previous job, as you need to sacrifice your position to concentrate on your final degree. Once you want to get back to the same industry, you should attach a career break cover letter, in which you explain to your employer why you left your job.

These were some few reasons for a career break. We know that more reasons can lead to split your professional life. Now let’s work on this specific cover letter. Take a look at How to Get Back to Work After Career Break? Follow 8 Steps 

Career Break Cover letter Writing tips:

Choose the Right Template:

Before brainstorming the content of your letter, think about its shape, length, and paragraphs. The way your letter looks can motivate your employer to read about it further. Try to choose a template that reorders your content and organizes your details. Do not exaggerate or exceed the details. You should stick to your target to get the job.

Opening your Letter:

It is crucial to structure a good opening for your letter. A professional greeting is essential to address your employer better. If you think that your boss is not the same person after your break, contact your previous colleagues to know about this person. You can also write “To Whom It May Concern” in case you have some doubts. Know all about the Opening and the Closing of a Cover Letter

First Paragraph:

After greeting your reader, it is time to introduce yourself and your purpose. The reason for this cover letter is to demonstrate that you are still the right candidate after taking a long break. Your introduction is a way to restore your previous position.

Second Paragraph:

explain your career break

Employers are curious to know about the changes you had and how you have taken to get into practice. Inform your employer that you still have interest and concern for the company. This section is a bit challenging because you need to convince employers that you are still as active as before.

Third Paragraph :

After listing your interest in restoring your institution's place, close your letter with a forward-looking statement, aspiring for a job interview to discuss your eligibility for the job. Put your contact information. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your letter to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Career Break Cover letter Example

Your name

Phone Number




Employer’s Name

Employer’s Job Title

Company’s address

Dear Mr./Ms.(employer’s last name)


My name is (XYZ). I am a previous Accountant. I am applying for a Chartered Accountant at ABC Company. I am writing this letter to inform you that I used to be part of the accountant's group from February 2018 till December 2018. After two years of a career break, I wish to join the team again through a new job portal.

Since December 2018, I was diagnosed with diabetes and fatigue syndrome. The latest health issue affected my punctuality and my attendance in the company. First, I requested leave, and I was determined to retake my position after New Year’s eve. However, there was no improvement in my health condition. Instead of exceeding my leave, I decided to take a break to try other remedies. By following my doctor's instructions, I overcame chronic fatigue, and I managed to regulate my diabetics.

By 2019, I completed my ACA qualification to become a ICAEW Chartered Accountant. I invested my break in developing my skills and in completing further studies. I also completed training and an internship in corporate finance. Despite this enriching experience, I am not very excited to try other fields. I want to return to my very previous position. As I am still in touch with my former colleagues, they suggested that I try again and apply in the prior post. I know that two years are too much for a professional break. But, I guarantee you that I am still eligible to meet the requirements. I invite you to check my resume. Please contact me through my (phone number) or ( email address).

I am looking forward to meeting you in a

job interview to discuss my application.

Best Regards,

Your signature

Your name.


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