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How Do You Write a Letter Asking for a job? 6 Steps to Create Letter of Interest

There are many types of hiring processes. One way of the hiring procedure includes; in which the organization advertises the job details via social media, professional platforms for jobs or newspapers and inviting the interview candidates. On the contrary, in the other procedure the organizations do not advertise in newspapers nor do they list the job opportunity on any social media or other platforms. Most probably there is no actual availability for any new recruitment. Here is when a candidate sends a letter in the name of the organization and expresses his interest in working with the organization, it is called a letter of interest.

how to write a letter of interest

Letter of Interest- Know All About it

 In common words, it is also known as a letter of inquiry or a prospecting letter. Candidates usually use A letter of interest to keep checking if the company has any job availability that could be a good opportunity for the candidate. 

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By sending the inquiry or interest letter with the updated resume, the candidate is automatically highlighted by the human resource management of the organization. When the company will have an opportunity to fill in, they will contact the candidates who have already sent a letter of interest. In many organizations, the prospecting letter can be used to commence an introductory interview with the concerned people of the hierarchies.

A candidate can learn more about the organization and can express his interest in working with the organization. Be considerate while writing the letter of interest. Any wrong use of words or information can offend the recruiting manager. Use a polite and sensible approach to catch the attention of the recruiter. 

6 Steps to Create a Letter of Interest

Following is the step-by-step procedure with examples for writing an appealing letter of interest which will be a help for candidates seeking templates online. There are six basic steps of writing a letter of interest.

STEP 1. Evaluate Organization

First of all, evaluate and find the organization of your interest and field. Look for the motive and mission of the company, and see whether it falls in your interest and field or not. Search for its website and study it thoroughly. It helps you evaluate whether it is of your interest or not. Check the hierarchical structure of the organization, and look for the capabilities and expertise of the employees already working with them. It Will help you judge where you stand in terms of hierarchical structure.

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STEP 2. Mentioned your name and address

Write your full name, a detailed address where a letter could be sent via mailbox, a working email address where you can receive emails anytime and a working phone number where the hiring manager could contact you in case you get through the process. All of this information should be precisely written in the top left corner of the letter.

For example;

Faizan Ahmed, Applicant

123 Main Street

Wapda town, Mux, Pak. 2468

[email protected]


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STEP 3. Mention Date

Mention the date under the information of the candidate. The format of the writing date depends on the standard format your country is following. Use the month-date-year format to avoid confusion.

For example:

August 14, 2022

STEP 4. Address Concerned Person 

Find the concerned person and write the letter in his or her name instead of using general salutations like dear sir or madam. Addressing the specific person will at least make him notice the effort you did. The information about the hiring manager of the organization can easily be found on the company's website. 

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Other than that LinkedIn can provide specific information about any person connected with a certain organization. It should include his name, destination, organization's name and address, and an appealing salutation with the name of the recruiter.

For Example:

Ayaan Ahmed

Human Resources Manager 

Unilever's Limited.

2D Millat Rd.

LHR City, PAK 019283.

STEP 5. The Body of the Letter 

The first body of the letter contains a short description of your skills, expertise and qualification. It should bear enough information about the reason for sending the inquiry letter to the company. Explain what made you interested in this specific organization and how you can be a source of benefit for the company. The inquiry letter is not about inquiring about the prospective employer, it is a sort of letter that contains the selling description of the candidate. 

STEP 6. The concluding part of the Letter 

The last part is the concluding part of the letter. In this paragraph, the candidate will request an introductory interview to talk further on the subject matter. The candidate will mention that he is eager for the interview despite if there is no open position at the time. In this paragraph, the candidate will politely call for action by the recruiter to send an interview invitation. The letter should not be lengthy and should be concise. Keep in mind that a lengthy letter will perhaps offend the reader. 


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