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How to Become an Auto Technician in Four Steps

Are you a person who likes to fix every single part of a vehicle? Are you named as Car Doctor by your buddies? If that’s the case then you can become an auto technician. On this job, you can expect to earn $20-50 per hour

.how to become an auto technician

How Much Does an Auto Technician Make?

In auto dealerships, clients need quick repair service like oil change or tire rotations. They pay well when an auto technician completes a job in less time. Therefore,mostly dealerships hire technicians on an hourly basis.

On an entry-level job position, the pay of an auto technician is normally $20-22

However, if you are an expert, then you can expect to get $45-47 per hour. Explore a list of $30 per hour US Jobs.

Who is an Auto Technician?

The auto technician is an expert who diagnoses minor and major issues of cars and trucks and then offers solutions in the form of repair and maintenance services. There are many different locations where you can find a job for auto technician such as,

  • Joining service department of auto dealerships
  • Becoming a part of an independent repair shop or auto mechanic house
  • Join an organization that offers specialized vehicle repair services.

Know the difference between an auto technician and mechanic

What are Roles and Responsibilities of an Auto Technician?

If you want to know what an auto technician does then here are some roles he needs to perform in routine life. The role of an expert is to:

Diagnosing the main issue behind the vehicle breakdown. For this purpose, an auto technician needs to either use his experience and skills to identify the problem or to rely on specialized electronics that connect with vehicles and help you understand the main problem.

Different cars have different diagnostic codes, and an auto technician must understand those codes and identify the common cause of car or truck breakdown.  Role of this expert is to:

Mapping out a detailed repair and maintenance plan for the vehicle is the second most crucial thing an auto technician used to do in his routine life.

Sometimes, a vehicle requires repair, while other times an essential part of it needs to be replaced.No matter what a vehicle issue or demand is, an auto technician will fulfill it and help the car owner to get behind the wheels as soon as possible.

It is helping car owners with preventive maintenance service. As the job of auto, the technician is to facilitate the customer in every possible manner. Therefore, his job is to offer repair not only services but also highlight some issues that may turn out to be a big problem shortly.

In other words, an auto technician is an expert in the car who will identify problems beforehand or after it has happened and then offer the best solution to avoid similar issues next time.

auto technician jobs roles and responsibilities

How to Become An Auto Technician?

If you are a person who takes a good interest in the automotive industry, then you may want to know how you can get an auto technician job in the USA. For acquiring a job, you need to get proper education and get some exposure and experience in the industry.

Here are four steps that can help you become an Auto Technician.

  1. Get Proper Education: You need to study automotive repair and maintenance in your high school. Once you are done with high-school, then enroll yourself in a two-year associate’s degree in a technical school. Once you have a diploma in hand, then you can go for a four-year advanced study in auto mechanics, or you can think of knocking at the door of the real world.
  2. Gain Some Experience: Try to enroll in a recognized technical college, so you can not just study books about automotive repair but also take part in practical workshops. Some technical colleges have affiliation with service shops and repair centers, where you can go and learn how to repair. 

You can get an entry-level auto technician job after acquiring an associate's degree. As an entry-level worker, every job you do will be fully supervised by a senior technician.

In case you want to earn $40-50 per hour as a senior auto technician, then you must have one to five-year experience in the field.

3.Boost your Skills: You need time management skills because most of the time, you have to handle a repair that has to be done within an hour or less.

  •  Another must-have skill is problem-solving. When you have experience in dealing with every make and model, then identifying the main problem and fixing it won’t be an issue for you. 
  • If you want to earn more from a job, then you must have technical knowledge of a wide variety of cars and trucks. Also, you need to know how to work with diagnostic codes and advanced level machinery, tools, and types of equipment, generally used for auto service.

4. Get Some Certificates: Do you want to make your auto technician resume more attractive? If yes, then you should take some tests that help you get some certificates. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is an institute whose certificates are worthy in the industry. You can register here for tests.Employers are interested in hiring candidates who know specific auto service, and they got specialization in particular repair services.

Wrap Up

An auto technician pay is, on average, $25-50 per hour. You can earn more when you work efficiently. The more experience you have, the better rate per hour you can expect from your job.Know about some $20 per hour jobs.


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