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How to Become an Office Admin ?

Administrative work is an essential source for organizing different operations. To reach this department, applicants should have enough skills, knowledge, and information about the different administrations. Since this field has deep connections with people, employees, and employers, you need to follow many requirements to become an administrative assistant .Let’s check them out in this article.

What is an Administrative Assistant?

administration jobs

An administrative assistant is a clerk who works in the administrative department with a group of other employees. This job is essential, as it tackles many responsibilities and acts on behalf of the company. There are special procedures for hiring applicants for administration jobs. If you want to know what it takes to become an administrative assistant, you need to go through these steps.

-Make a good CV/ resume with an interesting objective statement that shows that you are eligible for administrative work.

-Write a cover letter to Senior managers to inform them that you meet the job description requirements.

-If you are not an experienced applicant, you can apply for training or an internship. Take a look at; Frequently Asked Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Administrative Assistant Job Description:

Each firm has its list of requirements to supply administrative agents. Employers are usually looking for people who can manage more than secretarial work. Administrative positions require qualifications, skills, and ability to complete different tasks. Administrative assistants are hired to provide links between many departments through exchanging files, arranging meetings, and elaborating final reports. They can also supervise junior assistants to help in the development of the administration team. Here is what employers put in a job description:

1.A multi-tasked applicant: administrative work is not a repetitive routine. Employers have different operations. They look for someone who can complete various tasks. Take a look at Everything You Need to Know About Employee Relations

2.A qualified applicant: an administrative assistant should be qualified with at least a GCSE with good grades in English and maths.

3. Data entry experience: administrative assistants are usually hired to conduct reports and enter data in specific formats.

4. Punctuality: administrative work requires attendance and being present at the time.

5. Ability to coordinate with different departments: an administrative assistant should be in touch with the rest of the company’s departments and collaborate with them. You may also read; How to Start Your Career as a Personal Assistant in the UK?

Roles of an Administrative Assistant:

roles of an office admin

The roles of administrative assistants depend on the department in which they operate. Usually, any administrative assistant is responsible for performing writing duties in almost all industries, and some may be more specialized than others, such as those in the legal sector. Most of the administrative assistant’s duties revolve around the management and information sharing within the office. There are many typical roles listed in the majority of job descriptions. These roles can be:

Dealing with customers:

Administrative assistant tasks generally include answering phones, taking notes, and keeping files. They may also be responsible for sending and receiving emails or letters and dealing with visitors.


Administrative assistants in some offices may be required to maintain and record expenditures. Such tasks may range from creating spreadsheets to reporting expenses to the office Manager. That’s why administrative assistants may need to be familiar with office bookkeeping software, such as Microsoft Excel.

 Planning and scheduling

Planning events such as meetings and business lunches may be the responsibility of assistant administrators. This task may require asking about the availability of meeting or lunch participants, and there may be other duties such as scheduling and preparing plans.


Many administrative assistants may help other office members prepare documents, regardless of file storage, management, and organization. An administrative assistant needs to write, edit, and correct documents.

Skills of an Administrative Assistant:

skills in an administrative assistant

- Technical skills: An administrative assistant should know how to master some software programs to do some online tasks.

-Flexibility: An administrative assistant should be very flexible in meeting the deadline.

-Communication and coordinating skills: an administrative assistant should have an excellent professional network to communicate or deal with the rest of the team effectively.

-Organizational skills: He must be able to organize files and documents.

An Administrative Assistant Salary:

Salaries are different in every place or every professional sector. The duties of an administrative assistant are various in each industry. The estimated salary of a administrative assistant in the UK can go up to £24,000 per year.


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