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How to Make your CV Stand out?

When you read a document in a fast way, you look for pinpointed sentences or headlines to get hints about its content. It is the same done by employers. As they receive thousands of applications, they skim the documents and focus on the most critical information. Do you want to know about what employers look for in a CV? Do you want to boost your chances of getting a job? You are on the right path since this is what will be the main topic today.

How to Make Your CV Stand out without Experience?

CV stand out withourt experience

If you are a fresh graduate or an applicant without any work experience, it will be hard for you to convince employers about your eligibility for the job. That’s why you need to stand out from your CV. There are some tips and tricks that will make your CV shine among thousands of other application documents. Here is what you should do:

A First CV draft:

Your first CV should have a primitive copy in which you plan for yourself introduction, set your brainstorming. You will not send employers what you have first typed about yourself. You should take your time drafting the structure of your CV as if you are drawing the plan of your future house. So consider these steps:

1.The Words Used in your CV

Your major worries lurk in making an attractive CV content. You should know that hiring managers and employers read specific sections in your CV. Your job here is to make them different content, as many applicants use very cliché expressions to address employers.

-Focus on writing an attractive profile introduction: A profile is a very brief summary of your traits, skills, professional situation(student/ undergraduate), training or internship period, and the job title you are applying for. How to Write a CV for Freshers?

-List more than one educational achievement: when crafting the education section of a CV, experienced applicants usually put the latest obtained degree. But, the situation is different for fresh graduates without experience. In this case, you need to list more than a qualification so that employers know which subjects you are excellent at and what kind of academic knowledge you have acquired. For more info, check this out Which Parts of Education Should I Include in My CV?

- Do not over copy from the job description: as recommended from many career advice articles, you need to tailor your CV about the job description and mention a few skills listed there. Keep in mind that many applicants will do the same. They will pick the exact words used by employers. Try to use synonyms for these keywords. So that your CV looks original.take a look at What Words Should I Use on My CV?

2.Format and CV Templates:

CV format and template

As an applicant, you should be very creative in visualizing your CV. As you know, a CV is a unique document with unique content. So, you need to choose a specific template in which you can put your content. Adding to the outside look, you can format your CV.

-use headlines in bold words

-use appropriate self-descriptive words:

-put your internship/ training straight after your objective statement.

-reorder the CV sections as follows:

  • Name+ contact information
  • Profile Introduction
  • Internship/ training/ apprenticeship ( in case you are an apprentice)
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Achievements

-Don’t use a single CV version for everyone

How to make your CV Visually Stand Out?

Adding to your challenges to get a job, you need to get the employer’s attention. Employers will not spend a lot of time reading a CV. That’s why you need to put extra effort into what employers want and look for. Here is what you should prioritize to stand out your CV:

-Work experience: employers already set in the job description that they are looking for experienced applicants. So, if you have work experience, mention it in your objective statement first. Then, list it in the work experience section.

-Skills: employers look for the skills related to the offered job. If this job is based on IT skills, put them in the first rank. Always put the hard skills related to the role first. Then, you can add some soft skills and transferable skills, listed below.

-Achievements: some employers pay attention to relevant participation and achievements. So, if you have a success story, you can put it even if it is not related to the job you are applying for.

-Size: employers avoid a pile of papers CVs. Remember that time is money. Employers will not get curious or excited for three or four pages CVs. You need to work on clarity and simplicity, and don’t forget to attach a cover letter to your application. You can also invite your cover letter reader to look at your CV to increase the chances of being noticed.

-Your photo: nowadays, online job search engines help applicants to structure a professional CV. They recommend you to upload a picture on your virtual CV. Uploading an image gives more credibility and a positive impression. Maybe not all employers focus on the photo section. In most cases, uploading a photo can work for jobs related to the customer-service field, cabin crew team, retail jobs, or teaching jobs. Take a look at Follow Some Tips of DIY Professional Headshots That Cost You Nothing

These were the different tips for CV standouts. Always work on providing what employers want and look for. Make a sample CV now and improve it before sending the final draft to your employer. 


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