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How to Start a Career in Cyber Security?

It is prevalent to hear complaints like my Facebook account was hacked; my credit card was hacked, my personal information was hacked, etc ... to solve these problems, companies hire a team specialized in Cybersecurity. If you are interested in becoming a part of electronic justice, share this article, as it is going to reveal to you the secrets to start a career in cybersecurity.

1. What is Cyber Security:

cyber security

Cybersecurity is also named as information technology security or electronic information security. It is a field that protects computers, every programmed device like mobiles, and even servers and data from any severe stuff. This field sounds interesting, as it is similar to setting strategies for electronic defense. Of course, to join the field of cybersecurity, you need to be very skilled in IT information technology and computer science, not to mention mastering programme. Now let's see the areas in which cybersecurity is required.

2. Application Designs:

Mobile apps have made our lives very fast and easy. These apps can be violated and exploited. Therefore, cybersecurity specialists work for keeping your data in a safe place and enable you to archive data and ways to have access to your data from while to while. Want to get a degree? Choose your institute from here:

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3. Criminal Justice

Of course, cybersecurity is associated with government agencies to defend people from exploitation and blackmail. Many engineers work in the field of criminal justice to chase criminals who want to invade back accounts, leak important information, and do illegal online trafficking. Cybersecurity is related to digital forensics and policy analysis. As you can see, thanks to cybersecurity, your country can maintain a peaceful life. For more jobs in this field, you can read this;

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4. Being in Many Industries:

cyber security fields

Within this technical advance, many industries such as medicines, finance, social media, and retail all rely on cybersecurity professionals to keep the safety of their information. As this field is essential, there is a massive demand for cybersecurity specialists. Now let's discover the different careers in cybersecurity.

Entry Level to Cyber Security Careers

An expert in the field can be a fresh graduate after pursuing four years in college to get a cybersecurity degree program. These courses introduce different methods in protecting data from misuse and illegal practice. Students should also be achieving training and internship in data recovery in different systems of administrations. There are many job titles in cybersecurity. In the next section, we will highlight the cybersecurity career path that includes jobs like:

1.Security Analyst:

After a four-year bachelor's degree in cybersecurity or computer science, a security analyst works for providing the organization's proprietary safety. This job requires correcting bugs in the company's security systems, solutions, and programs.

2.Security Engineer:

As we live in a world of continuous technical evolution, security engineer designs and tests different security software and implements them in innovative monitoring networks.

3. Security Administrator

 Of course, administrative work is critical as it helps to manage the various departments of the security team. Security administrators work to solve customer problems and send customers to technical support to see what kind of issues they have. You can also read;

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4. Security Software Developer:

cyber security developers

Every company launches a new device such as Samsung and Apple, they launch an updated version of every tool, adding some specific new features, including a strong security. In this case, security software developers work in developing a new version of an existing program, making it more robust and effective.

5. Cryptographer

This is a highly qualified job as it requires completing research after the Master's Degree. Cryptographers come on top of technical information graduates, or computer science, including skills in coding and web development. This job is based on decrypting data and providing access to information. Cryptographers are usually working in the financial field, like protecting bank records, or digital commerce activities, etc...


This job is similar to cryptography as it is specialized in getting access to locked and secret data. The difference is that this job is required by the government, especially for the military field and national security. Cryptanalysts maintain the integrity of electronic medical records and personal health information for healthcare companies and organizations.

8. Security Consultant

There are many options for cybersecurity. For that reason, there are security consultants, who help users to follow specific procedures to secure their devices. Security Consultants are like advisors who provide the necessary tips to answer the clients' queries or supervise the company's data.


These were different careers in cybersecurity. These jobs are highly required in both the public and private sectors. All you need to do is to apply according to the job description and be very skillful in solving security problems for better service and safe operations for ordinary people or professionals.


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