Is Event Planning a Good Career in the UK?

Some moments in life can turn into a milestone and can be recognized forever. Organizing a party can be both fun and challenging and requires a lot of planning for the event. These worries are no longer of significant concern since there are agencies specialized in event planning. Do you want to be an event planner or a conference maker? This article will help you land in this field with the most unambiguous simple steps possible.

How to Start a Career as an Event planner?

The field of organizing parties, events, and conferences is considered one of the most influential industries. This field serves multiple objectives:

-It can be for marketing occasions: an event or a party that can be sponsored by a specific company to promote its goods and services.

-It can be for personal purposes: weddings, birthdays, engagement, etc..

-It can be for national/ international projects: sports events, music, contests, etc..

No matter the purpose of the event, there is a significant capital dedicated to this industry. So if you become a professional event planner, you will have the opportunity to engage, grow, and prove yourself among other companies. If you don’t have the sense of risk to start your project, you can apply for the available companies and prepare for management and teamwork interview questions. Here are some tips to increase your chances:

1.Work on your Own Speciality:

how to become an event planner

Choose the type of parties or events you want to specialize in. There are thousands of events organized daily. Each one has a different purpose or requirement. That’s why you should know the differences to become a specific event planner. If this sounds hard for you, you can start working as a general party organizer. If you decide to do so, you should be ready to organize any kind of event offered to you, including sports events, weddings, races, school parties, official events, etc..., which means that you need a pervasive network of relationships. You must be ready to travel and move from one city to another. Remember that learning comes first. You cannot handle all the different types of events without getting any vocational experience first.

2. Keep an Eye on the Details:

Learning about event planning requires significant efforts to make a recognized brand and increase demands for your particular services. As a potential event planner, you need to attend conferences and trade fairs to learn the profession's necessary skills.

Attending these events and interacting with their organizers will give you a more significant opportunity to engage in this community and build a strong network that will help you get notified for further projects. A close look at the procedures will allow you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of working with individual companies. It will also help you gather a client-centric review by knowing what people want and how much it costs. You may also read: 13 Fun Jobs That Pay Well - Do What you Love to Do

3. Develop your Strategies:

skills of an event planner

The tasks are different and varied for an event planner and coordinator. In short, the central role of an event planner is to manage an event or organize a party under a specific budget. This profession means taking care of all the ceremony details, choosing the place, inviting people, catering and decoration, preparing something for the audience, and giving them gifts if necessary. To tackle all these procedures, you need to set these strategies:

-You will be required to conduct research and collect all possible sources and elements for your event.

-You need to make deals and arrangements with companies responsible for catering, decoration, photographs, or entertainment.

-You need to set the roles for your staff members such as receptionists, photographers, hosts, waiters, security guards, etc..

-you need to specify the budget of your event and deal with your customer, be it a party owner, an organization, or a company.

-Sign a contract with your clients and ask them to give you reviews at the end of the project, to promote your services.

5. Eligibility for the Job:

An event planner should be a very skilled and qualified candidate. Usually, individuals interested in event planning companies should be:

  1. A business graduate.
  2. A holder of event planning and management degree.
  3. A fine art graduate.
  4. Interior design graduates.
  5.  Holders of hotel management degree

Adding to these various qualifications, applicants should be talented candidates, who can deal with many companies to establish events and manage them. They should have excellent communication skills, customer service skills, and organization skills.

After covering all the steps of becoming an event planner, let’s take a look at the coordinator job:

What is the Role of a Coordinator in an Event Planning Company?

A coordinator is the winning ace of an event planner. A coordinator contributes to the success of the event by excessively promoting their services. If you want to apply for this position, you need to learn these basics:


 Always be active on social media to promote the program. Applicants usually should know the different developing techniques for the event planning company and get reviews and recommendations from clients. 

2.Create a Brand:

event planners' and coordinators requirements

As a coordinator you should not copy the work of other companies. Be creative and create your own brand to compete others. Above all, you have to be honest about your abilities, skills and social network. Always seek to come up with creative ideas and attract more customers to deal with the company.

3. Meet the Coordinator’s Skills:

There are many requirements for event organizing and coordinating. They involve:

The ability to work under extreme pressure and deal with any emergency circumstances without any tension

The ability to initiate events and think without any limits

As a coordinator, you should be able to deal with all people.

Availability and flexibility: coordinating requires excessive attendance and work on the ground.

-make sure that you have a strong history of regulation, you can solve problems, supervise the staff members and assign them to do specific tasks.


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