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Understand The Types of Employment Contracts in UK

Many things matter for job seekers when applying for a job, and among them is the employment contract. There are many different types of employment contracts. If you want to get hints about the UK's professional field, visit Fratres and explore all the professional guidelines within this website. Let's get started!

Employment in the UK:

types of employent contract

The job market differs from one industry to another. Entry requirements also are extensive and varied. Despite this diversity, it is essential to know about the significant employment system and the laws applied to regulate them. Let's introduce you to the UK's major contracts, including the type of employment you must know about. 

Full-time Employment

Many  job seekers apply for a full-time job, which could be a white-collar job or blue-collar one. The contract for this type of work involves the employee's commitment to a specific work period varying between one year to five years or more. The agreement also includes some arrangements such as a promising career shift or promotion, a permanent position, seniority at work, pension, including details about annual salary or hourly wages. Please take a look at What Happens To My Workplace Pension When I Die

In the public sector, full-time employment involves significant professional benefits such as paid holidays, parental leave, medical insurance, and other employee perks and benefits that differ from one industry to another.

How Many Hours does a Full-time Employment Contract Involve:

Many wonder about the number of working hours assigned in a job contract. Every employee is supposed to work a minimum number of hours to get a specific amount of money. In the UK, the number of hours differs from one industry to another. It also interferes in the classification of employees into two major groups;

  1. A permanent employee: one common feature in this category highlights that employees are holding permanent contracts
  2. A temporary or fixed-term employee: this employee works full-time but for a specific period mentioned in the agreement.

In general, full-time employment is estimated to reach at least 35 hours a week.

Part-time Employment in the UK:

Many people think that part-time employment is just related to small businesses that hire students, moms, or retirees. The truth is part-time employment is different from part-time work that does not involve a complicated application process. For example, some people request the business owner about part-time jobs, be it in a business, a restaurant, or a shop. Part-time employment is instead based on a different application process, involving a part-time cover letter attached with a CV/ Resume. It is also determined through a contract that includes a specific number of hours or a part-time schedule. It also has similar arrangements with the same full-time companies. Part-time employment can be used for hiring people with special needs or under medical assistance. The contract involves the number of hours, payment, and other benefits covering health insurance. The hiring process involves an interview.

Blue-collar workers have the right to get part-time work. This is very common in bakeries who work early in the morning and produce a specific amount of bread during a single session. How to Become a Baker in the UK?

Does Temporary Employment Require a Contract?

terms of employment

Yes, of course! In many sectors, temporary positions require a contract. People who are assigned to work for a specific period are temporary contractors. These contractors are also called fixed-term employees. They are hired for an affixed period that can go from several months to a few years. Temporary employees operate to fill professional leaves, such as substitute teachers, substitute nurses, substitute bank clerks, etc..

These fixed-term employees get the same professional benefits that permanent employees get. According to the circumstances, they can also be invited to get the same position again, and their contract can be renewed or extended.

Temporary contractors involve trainees in the medical or legal sectors. Students who have endured a long term studying year can ally for paid internships. For example, future solicitors are assigned to get a two-year training contract to profess legal procedures and undertake a paid training contract.

Is there a Contract for Jobs Under Demand or Different Projects?

zero contract hours

Projects are considered jobs under specific demands. They either require temporary employees or hire people when needed. Since the project's time is not very specific, employers use zero contract hours in this case. This contract can be an open assignment to pursue work once needed.

Despite the lack of a specific notion of time, zero contracts ensure similar professional benefits. However, the same contract cannot be applied to freelancers or artists or architects, as employees with this contract can work elsewhere and are not obliged to tie themselves to zero contract work. take a look at Zero Hours Contracts Explained

Can Freelancers be Considered as Contractors?

The virtual work and business widely differ from the actual classic world. Freelancers are like employees or workers. They operate in various sectors and fields, and why not they don't work through a contract? In recent years, freelancers have become employed under contracts to regulate their operations. Long-term online projects or digital businesses started using contracts to set the rules for their freelance activities and guarantee their work's validity.

Business Staff Members.

Having a big business requires a group of staff members to maintain the small details. Staff members can be either hired permanently or for a small period. The contracts of these people differ from one sector to another. The staff members of hotels, restaurants, or even retail work and operate differently.

That was all about employment and contracts in the UK. Have been a contractor before? Please share your experience with us and tell us about the cons and pros of your contract.



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