What are the Easiest Jobs in the UK?

Some people think that it is hard to get a comfortable job. Jobs that don’t involve a 9 to 5 attendance are not considered a well-paid, valuable job. Since the whole world is changing towards a different professional routine, the trend is to work smart, not hard. If you are looking for ways to make money without sweat on your brow, you are in the right token. This article will reveal to you the easiest and most comfortable jobs in the UK. Let’s get started.

How to Get an Easy Job?

Jobs have different levels of hardness. People think the more you are overqualified, the more you will be paid, or the more you work hard, the more money you get. The concept of work is usually associated with sweat and fatigue. But, some professions have deviated from this rule, as they are characterized by their enormous well-being and the simplicity of their performance, and more importantly, a significant financial return compared to the small effort exerted. Now, recent research was established on British society to classify jobs in terms of hardness. Surprisingly, some jobs don’t demand a lot of effort and seem to be very rewarding. To get them, you need to be skilled rather than qualified. That’s the secret that most employers would not reveal. Nowadays, skills step before qualifications to get an easy job. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you cannot sell yourself enough or empress employers.

Now, the question is, is it effortless to get an easy job in the UK? The answer is, it depends. The ease of these professions came from the degree of struggle that preceded them. But, some of them do not require any prior experience.

What is the Definition of an Easy Job?

Easy jobs can be like a set of simple tasks or a funny routine in which you get paid for them. This definition might sound like an illusion. In the recent job market, jobs that do not rely on any specific degree are classified as easy. Jobs that tend to assimilate immigrants grant better working conditions. Without any further ado, let’s explore these simple jobs:

1.Survey Taker:


Does interviewing people and sending them a periodic set of questions attract you? Many companies are based in the UK, whose main operation is to establish statistics based on people’s answers. This job sounds easy and funny, as you have to prepare a survey and randomly email it to people or target a specific category to pick or tick the suggested answer. A survey taker can earn £7,6 per hour.  

2. A Radio Jockey/ Broadcaster:

Imagine that you are paid just for talking. This job is for talented people who can run a conversation and attract the listener’s attention. Being a radio jockey might not be an exciting job. But, it is still a custom in the UK to turn on the radio while driving a car or walking to the office. You can make up to £12 per hour.

3. Tech Assistant:

Tech companies hire hidden agents to assist website visitors. A tech assistant is usually a freelance work that operates from home. This job consists of listing certain options or services or tools for customers. It is open for applicants who have a passion for the tech industry and who can promote the company’s brand. Experience and qualifications are not mandatory. You may also check, How To Become a Technical Writer; Education, Jobs, and Salary

4.Automated Webinars:


This is the easiest job in the UK, in which you can make money while you are sleeping. Webinars are an excellent investment for product sales. They also work for exhibiting non-consumable services such as coaching or consulting. Invest your money in creating a webinar and harvest the returns later.

5. Game Tester/ Player:

Do you remember Tom Hanks film ‘Big”? The film is about a boy who turns into an adult and works for a toy company as a game tester. This job actually exists. In the UK, many video game companies employ people whose mission is to test new games or the updated version of older games. This means that the employee will hit two birds with one stone: applicants will try the original game before anyone else and receive a salary of up to £30,000 per year.

6.Affiliate Marketing:

Online marketing is very trending in the UK. There are many well-trusted websites for affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be very experienced or a marketer to try out this job. All you need to do is build an audience or grow an online community interested in buying items from your behalf. Affiliate marketing is about promoting a product by adding your commission. When someone orders or bids this product from you. You buy it, and you add a valuable amount for your services.

7. Personal Trainer:

personal trainer

This job seems very easy for those who exercise and practice daily workout. If you are a sports geek and want to make money by building muscles, you can apply as a personal trainer or physical instructor. All you need to do is a good knowledge of work-out tips and the ability to motivate clients to exercise frequently. You can make £12 per hour. For more details, take a look at How to Become a Fitness Instructor?

These were the 7 easiest, less demanding jobs in the UK. If you are interested in boosting your professional life, join Fratres.UK. 


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