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What Are the Highest Paying Degrees in the UK

The world is changing in every sector, including the labor market. Within the coming of technology and artificial intelligence, there is a prediction that nearly 5 million jobs will disappear. This fact will make you consider choosing the appropriate degree to get the right job. Are you divided between studying your academic choice or your parents’ one? Are you worried about your future career by the end of graduation? Don’t worry; this article is a theoretical study about the needed degrees for the professional world.

Which degree is Worth it?

Which Degree is Worth it

A lot of students wonder about which academic major to choose. They are puzzled between choosing what they want and what parents want. Many factors play on making a final academic decision. After all, you are not going to spend the rest of your life studying. To answer this question, you need to consider four significant facts:

1. Your studies' costs: in the UK, getting a Bachelor's degree requires a fair amount of money. Getting a degree is a kind of investment to proceed into the professional world. So, before enrolling in any university, you need to consider the costs. You can also apply for a scholarship, if you have obtained your A-Level with excellent grades.

2. Before choosing a degree, consider the professional options existing in your location compared to other cities. If your location has many companies, chances are very high for you to get a job in your city

3. Your ambitions, desires, and passions: many of us have power towards specific fields and never get bored reading about certain subjects. So it would be best if you considered what you want.

4. Take a self-assessment test: test your knowledge and your prospects with a self-assessment test. This test is to decide which degree suits your personality the most. Take a look at The Different Online tests.

Now after considering these 4 targets, let’s take a look at the professionally required degrees from now on. Didn’t do well at the GCSE exam? Here is how to retake your exam.

What are the Future Specialties?

Always ask yourself this question. Still imagine where you see yourself in five years. But, your imagination should not cross the boundaries of reality. It should rather be compatible with the present economic system; you cannot get a place in this world. That’s why you need to prepare a wish list that includes:

-The highest paid jobs in the UK

-The academic subjects that you are excellent at ( excellent do not mean average! -Consider the subjects that you master fervently with eyes closed)

-The skills that you have and you want to develop.

-The budget that you have ( remember the first major fact is to consider the costs).

Consider an International Degree:

Consider a multinational degree

When you are going to decide a degree, consider the academic advantages related to that degree. Ask yourself whether it is compatible with other educational systems elsewhere. Investing your studies in a global or worldwide major can bring you a bright future. Even if this major is not part of your favorite subjects, working for a bright future is a reasonable decision. You can practice your favorite subjects as a hobby or extracurricular activity. Now, here are the top 6 degrees that contribute to a bright future.

1.Information Technology:

The IT field is a global and long-living college degree. This field enables you to work as a freelancer or as a permanent contract in the best technology companies. This field will help you make a good living, grow your analytical thinking, and shift career to more superior levels.


People think that accounting is not an essential degree in the UK. But, the truth is entirely the opposite. This job is needed in many institutions, such as commercial firms, banks, logistics, and even taxation or insurance companies, with the promise to elevate in career. The skills required for this major are analytical thinking, attention to detail, and management.

3. Data Science/ Data Analysis:

Data Science Degree

Data science is also an excellent decision for intellectual graduates. Both specializations are globally interesting, and they will be the most required disciplines in the nearest future. Companies are competing for the data industry. As global companies like Google are in the international hiring of new graduates, these degrees will increase in demand.

4. Teaching:

Teaching is a talent and an updated job. You cannot imagine the world without teaching. Many graduates want to contribute to building new generations by getting a primary teaching degree or getting specialized in a specific field to apply for higher teaching positions. A Ph.D. can also contribute to advanced teaching careers and even to a well-determined future. For more details about teaching, look at How to Kickstart your Career as a Secondary Teacher?

5. 3D Designing:

If you are a talented artist and want to pursue a career based on your passion, choose a degree that goes well with the recent technologies. For example, if you want to be an illustrator, you need to master the printing of different illustrations for multiple occasions. A 3D designer earns up to £ 31,100 per year

6. Engineering:

Engineering with all its specializations (chemical, mechanical technical, etc.) is associated with a promising future. This is an ongoing degree that works in the UK and overseas. Investing your college studies in engineering is not a loss of time. It is instead a step towards success. An average engineer makes up to £ 28,000 per year.

To sum up, many college degrees have a valuable set of adding to your hard skills and qualifications. But, some of them will not survive in the upcoming future. That’s why you should make wise academic decisions to reach better opportunities.


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