What Is The Employee Assistance Program In The UK

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a beneficial program that is offered to a number of employees in the organization

EAP is responsible for aiding the company’s employees in their personal issues that leave a terrible impact on their health, work performance, and well-being.

The services of the Employee Assistance Program include referral services for employees, assessment of the employee, and short-term counselling for employees and their families. 

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What You Should Know About Employee Assistance Program

1. The EAP Helps With Personal And Work Issues

The Employee Assistance Programs gives support and avail resources related to several employee problems. That includes:

2. Safety And Health Concerns

It includes.

  • Domestic Violence

  • Trauma and crises

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Drugs abuse

  • Gambling and some other addiction

  • Stress

  • Grief and loss

3. Legal And Financial Issues

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Parenting and child care issues

  • Legal matters

  • Financial worries, budgeting, and decreased debt

  • Adoption issues

  • Family and relationship matters

  • Adoption issues

  • Education Issues

  • Caregiver/elder care problems

4. Work Issues

Problems Related To Work And Job Stress.

  • Job burnout

  • Conflict at the workplace

  • Alteration of workplace

Always keep in mind that not any issue is too small or too big. The Employee Assistance Program always encourages and motivates you and your closers to get help form EAP as early as possible. It will prove fruitful to normalize your life.

what you should know about employee assistance programme

The EAP Is Easy To Use

To contact the Employee Assistance Program is not so difficult to use. You have to connect your call by the toll-free number

In case if you don’t have any contact information on the Employee Assistance Program, then you can ask the representative of Human Resources to do this.

When you connect the call to the Employee Assistance Program, then make sure to answer your name, valid address, and organization name instantly. 

The Employee Assistance Program always kept your name and other related information confidential.

For the sake of this, your name as an employer is compulsory because it will allow the consultant of the Employee Assistance Program to identify the particular service that the employee is giving. Then the call back you will get.

The consultant of the Employee Assistance Program will set a discussion process, in which he will discuss the concerns and needs of you. 

He listens to all related issues and then assesses the condition. After this, the consultant of the Employee Assistance Program will help you in some ways:

  • He will either help you and work with you to plan and resolve their concerns and issues.

  • There is a possibility he may pass you to any of the supporter groups.

  • He may guide the employee to find some resources in the community.

  • He may refer the employee towards a specialist or may refer him to the local counsellor.

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The EAP Is Free

The services of the Employee Assistance Program are available free of cost to your employees. 

In case if you consult the outside referral form Employee Assistance Program, then you would have to pay for it. Besides this, the consultant works with you to search for suitable and less costly help to meet your needs.

If you or anyone close to you suffer from any issue or maybe going to pass through an awkward situation, then don’t forget that the help is only on one call away.

How do Employee Assistance Programs work?

The Employee Assistance Program helps you by providing the resources, counsellors, and referrals to help the company employee and its family.

The benefits of employee assistance are not only for the employee, but the other closer member of his/her family can also receive benefits. It is their top priority that all the information and collected data always remain safe and secure by the Employee Assistance Program.

Usually, when EAP is an offer to an employee, then the employee who is suffering from some critical situation or maybe stressed call toll-free number for the sake of instance aid from their counsellors on issues like:

Workplace Personality Conflicts

Suggestion and advice on how to handle and do their job with complicated co-workers or managers.

Mental Health Issues 

To deal with anxiety, depression, or anger management.

Health And Caregiving Issues

It includes how to get help from the EAP for their loved ones disable and ill elder and children. How to deal with disabilities and health issues in the workplace.

what you should know about employee assistance programme

Legal And Family Advice 

Child custody issues, marriage, divorce, and counselling.

Financial Counseling 

How to pay the debt and credit, how to prevent bankruptcy, or to make a budget.

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Grief Assistance 

Provide help and support to those employees who suffer in grief like losing their loved ones. Or also help the employees to experience the coworker loss.

Cost To Offer An EAP To Your Employees

Employee Assistance Program should cost approximately $35 per employee for a single year. But the prices for EAP cost are different for distant people. The range for the cost may even reach the $10 to $100 for employees anywhere.

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