Which City Offer More Jobs in the UK?

The UK is an essential destination for studies, work, accommodation, tourism, and even marriage. If you are curious about where to start your career in the UK, you are in the right boat that will take you into the best cities, staffed with safe and considerable jobs. Let’s get started!

What are the Advantages of Working in the UK?

Working in the UK is always a winning ace compared to employment in other European countries. There is still an hourly rated working system. You can do more than 48 per week, except for jobs that require permanent duty such as some police, ER jobs, etc.. take a look at the Top 10 Career Ideas UK

The average wage for any work is estimated to be up to 10£ per hour. It can also be assessed by annual salary, which varies in terms of the industry. Of course, you cannot combine two full-time jobs, but you can rather connect more than a working contract. Do you want to know how? Check this out. Understand The Types of Employment Contracts in the UK

The majority of jobs in the UK last five days a week.

Are Professional Opportunities the Same in Every City in the UK?

how to get professional opportunities from uk cities

The truth is, things are not the same as before. The latest pandemic disease has tremendously affected the job market. That’s why jobs were limited, and vacancies are largely available in the health sector. Medical and paramedical graduates can quickly get a job in the UK, even if they were immigrants from foreign countries. To turn the wheel of the economy, many jobs are available in additional fields. If you want to know about them, take a look at;

Before stepping into a new city, prepare yourself for the following:

-Write a CV/ Resume

-Write a cover letter and try to attach it to your CV/ Resume

-Visit Fratres UK and scroll down the available job offers. Start by exploring the nearest job offers and contact employers for further details.

-Prepare for a remote job interview, if possible.

-Always prepare a plan B in case your first plan fails.

-You should not leave your house and move to another city, only when you are 100% sure that you were accepted.

My CV is ready..Where should I go?

Looking for the appropriate application is always challenging. That’s Fratres UK team are filtering out job offers and classifying them by category. You can visit the Fratres UK Website and see any exciting job that suits your qualifications, skills, and talents. Broadly speaking, jobs differ in terms of location. The same job title can be paid differently according to the place. In some cities, the cost of living is high. That’s why wages would rate differently. Where would you go as a jobseeker? Take a look at these selected places:


Manchester has become an exciting spot for job hunting. Vacancies are growing in the field of medicines, financial, and business careers. Known as a center for multiple companies, Manchester houses many banks and Many such as Co-op Banking Group and RBS. Jobs in the administrative and financial sector require top qualification with experience.

2. London:

best jobs in london

London is always a destination of work and profound fulfillment. This place is always staffed with the best job opportunities in many fields. London has witnessed a remarkable rate of job growth in the industrial sector, technical and mechanical work. It also has the best universities and houses an essential percentage of international students. The good thing about London is that it opens the path for part-time jobs and seasonable jobs. The famous careers available in London are occupying broking, social work, medical and veterinary jobs. It is also opening its doors for employment in logistics. London is the largest market for derivatives, foreign exchange markets, capital markets, and international borrowing bonds' issuance. It is always operating in insurance activities, gold, and copper trading, including other base metals.

3. Brighton:

Brighton is also one of the best UK’s financial cities. Known for its capital project, corporate finance, multiple companies, entry-level jobs for finance, and different administrative posts are available to numerous applicants. There are also vacancies in teaching and the digital field of media jobs. Brighton is always active in welcoming debuting job seekers, internees, and even non-experienced applicants.

4. Birmingham


This is an exciting location for finding a job. Birmingham hosts several different industries, including manufacturing and engineering. 

Both fields hire an important mass of workforce, and positively contribute to the UK’s economy. Skilled tradespeople, artisans and hospitality and catering professionals can get interesting jobs in Birmingham.


Last but not the least England is a sophisticated place to all professionals. It is known for its various career paths. Planning to move to England is a good decision, as this place opens its doors for multiple fields. England has jobs related to medicines, arts, finance, social work, teaching and even manufacturing. It is also providing thousands of vacancies in both private, public sector and even home-based jobs.

These were the top 5 best cities for professional resolutions. For more suggested jobs, log into Fratres UK. 



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